1. What info I should report?

Lot of info could be reported, you have 160 characters to inform about it.

  • Name of the service (or at least one of them)
  • Provider (all of them if is possible)
  • A description of the event
  • Optionally, you can add extra info that you think is relevant

* Transponder params (freq, pol, sr, fec, device, username, ...) are reported automatically. So, avoid add this info to the report text box.

2. What I should do if a transponder is already reported?

Well, if the report adds more important and relevant info than the current report, then yes, you should report it.

E.g: Sometimes the same frequency is used for different events, so if a different event is happening and the last report about this frequency doesn't mention it you should report it again. The last report is always the right one for the same frequency.

3. This isn't a competition

What makes you a good feed hunter is the quality of the reports not the quantity.

F.A.Q is a site designed to inform users around the world about new signals, new live events, etc, all of them broadcasted by satellite.

How it works?

The reports are sent by users using a special software for DX'er called EBSpro. With this software, the users can catch new signal, analyze them and then report it to all. Just like it sounds.

What I need to report feeds like others do?

You need a satellite dish, a DVB-S/2 tuner and of course EBSpro.

It is free?

The service ( is totally free. All can use it and also integrate it in party software. We also offer an URL with params that return a JSON with all data. Just contact us if you need more info.


Powerful Search box

The Search Box of SatFeeds is really powerful! You can find to a specific frequency just typing it like this: "11550 H" and it will show you all related frequencies (+/- 2 MHz).


SatFeeds 5.0.3 (18 May 2016)

- Implemented lightbox for snapshots.
- Some disqus fixes.
- QPSK2 renamed to QPSK.

* Requires EBSpro 15.0 or higher.

SatFeeds 5.0.2 BETA (06 May 2016)

- Fix: Find similar reports don't work well on C-Band.
- Fix: DISQUS bug with comments has been fixed.
- Fix: Verify if username is already taken by someone to avoid user name hijacking.
- Improved detection of an already reported transponder (Now we also checks for big differences in SR)
- Avoid to show a long satellite name. Do an ellipsis when it happens.
- Anchor doesn't take into consideration the fixed menu.
- Some CSS fixes.
- Fix: Some small fixes.

SatFeeds 5.0.1 BETA (21 Apr 2016)

- In the satellites combobox shows the last satname reported by users instead of the first one.
- Username now has an icon besides the name.
- General menu improvements.
- Pagination bug fixed.
- Some small changes.

SatFeeds 5.0.0 BETA (17 Apr 2016)

Website re-written from scratch:
- Site developed using the very last technology: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ajax, PHP 7.
- Responsive design (will work fine in tablets or smartphones and of course, in desktop computers).
- Designed to be easy, useful and fast.

* Requires EBSpro 15.0 or higher
** This new site isn't compatible with the old one. If you want to access to old site, please visit this site

SatFeeds 4.0.2 BETA (13 Apr 2015)

- Login form should be visible under certain circumstances.
- Improved pagination behavior.

SatFeeds 4.0.1 BETA (9 Apr 2015)

- Fixed a problem that adds an additional question sign to every page in the URL.
- Clickable satellites doesn't work if we enter to without GET params.
- Bug fixes.

SatFeeds 4.0.0 BETA (7 Apr 2015)

- Added login support (if you want to enter to the system, you need to put your mail & password of your EBSpro license)
- Added full pagination support (yay!, you don't need to use limit anymore!)
- Fixed empty device name in Stats page.
- Show orbital position instead of satid when the satellite isn't defined in allsats.txt.
- Items in the satellite column are clickable when there are more than one satellite.
- Fixed a problem with negative sign in the orbital position.
- AllSats.txt updated with new satellites.
- Code cleanup and optimizations.

SatFeeds 3.0.9 STABLE (14 Oct 2014)

- Fixed a problem with date/time due a server change (Now we're hosted in a UK's server)

SatFeeds 3.0.8 STABLE (31 Jul 2014)

- Simple quote bug fixed.

SatFeeds 3.0.7 STABLE (14 Jun 2014)

- Search fix.

SatFeeds 3.0.6 STABLE (11 Jun 2014)

- Added support for 'Encrypted Feed' flag (>= EBSpro v11)
- If the satellite isn't yet in our DB, now shows the orbital position rather than the SaID in the satellite list.

SatFeeds 3.0.5 STABLE (02 Jun 2014)

- Config is available again (Oops).
- Fixed a problem with date/time due a server change.
- Added experimental support for new search commands (hidden for now).

SatFeeds 3.0.4 STABLE (22 Mar 2014)

- Wrong URL returned in 'dev' mode (EBSpro).

SatFeeds 3.0.3 BETA (03 Feb 2014)

- All code was updated to support strictly HTML5 (0 Errors).
- Added a new page with disqus for a general discussión about the site and satellite feeds.
- Added support for lightbox2 for images (thanks to Lokes Dhakar).
- Some UI elements was improved with CSS3.
- Search for a term does not respect the current filters. Resolved.
- Design updated.

SatFeeds 3.0.2 BETA (12 Jan 2014)

- Some internal improvements and fixes.

SatFeeds 3.0.1 BETA (07 Jan 2014)

- Search term option now also applies the filtering settings (order, limit, ..) if they was set before click on search button
- "Showing X transponders" is always null. Fixed.
- Wrong title for some pages (in search page, etc)
- Now shows the search term in the textbox even when the pages is reload to show the results of the query.
- Clicking on a transponder shows only the similar frequencies for that satellite (not all like before).

SatFeeds 3.0 BETA (04 Jan 2014)

- Added comments support for every report (based on DISQUS* system)
- Added a search box (by default it search for terms in the 'report' text) (limited to 100 results)
- Improved the order of the sat list.
- Added satid to the sat list.
- Filter options moved to the top of page.
- Added new limits; 250 and 500 results per query.
- If you click on a frequency it shows you all similar transponders based on that frequency (+/- 2 Mhz).
- Now shows the frq-pol-sr and the satellite info in the title of the site for individual reports.
- Some SEO improvements.

* You can register on DISQUS with FB, Twitter or with your e-mail address.

SatFeeds 2.5.3

- Small fix regarding to 'dev' mode.

SatFeeds 2.5.2

- Regional fixes.

SatFeeds 2.5.1

- Fixed bug related to delete reports by users.

SatFeeds 2.5

- Added support to upload snapshots (requires EBSpro 8.5 or higher)
- Users can delete their own reports
- Few fixes and improvements.

SatFeeds 2.4

- Fixes.

SatFeeds 2.3

- Added a link to share a specific transponder.

SatFeeds 2.2

- Added a button to see last reports.
- Added a new fire icon to see most recent reports (< Hour).

SatFeeds 2.1

- Added Top 10 Countries.
- Fixed the order of elements on Stats.

SatFeeds 2.0

- SatFeeds engine rewrited (database is now empty due a internal changes)*
- Better integration with EBS Pro
- Added a 'fire' icon in 'Report date' column that indicates a recent report (<24H)
- Added elapsed time from the date of the report and actual date on 'Report date' column
- Added MIS info into tooltip over frequency column.
- Now shows a clock with your (in theory) local hour.
- Added 'Stats' page with Top10 hunters, Top10 dvbcards and more!
- The site is now a bit more simple and clear :)
- Added a Login button for add support to delete wrong reports in the page directly. (for personal usage only, for now).

* Requires EBS Pro 8.0 or higher.

SatFeeds 1.5

- Now supports kHz format in DB
- Added option to show frecuencies in Mhz or kHz (Default in Mhz).
- Added option to save ini in kHz or Mhz (Default in Mhz).
- Now shows SatID and *.ini downloads from the selected satellite.
- Now shows Pilot status in the tooltip over frecuency.
- Improved Ini file (added support for pilot, rolloff, and report text).
- Now shows in the page title the name of the selected satellite.
- Some cookies handling mistakes are fixed.
- Some graphical improvements.
- Improved SEO.
- IE Fixes.
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